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Wire Basket Dog Muzzles

Our company produces a wide range of dog muzzles for all breeds - from small to very large dogs. There are some different types of muzzles, for example, leather muzzles, muzzles made of metal wire etc. All our dog muzzles are handmade so we can guarantee the high quality and uniqueness of each dog product. In the dog muzzles production we use only high class materials - metal wire and leather.
Above you can see the list of wire basket dog muzzles.


Wire dog muzzles is based on firm metallic construction that keeps special "basket" shape of muzzle and guarantees durability of this dog product. All metal wire of our muzzles is smooth to the touch and can never hurt your dog. Every wire basket muzzle has several adjustable straps so it will fit your dog perfectly and won't slide. Moreover, due to these straps your dog can't put a muzzle off by its paws. However, dog owner can put on and off muzzle easily and quickly.

Every wire basket dog muzzle has nose padding made of soft felt. Also it has perfect airflow due to great construction. So your dog can breathe easily and you don't need to worry that the muzzle will get dump or musty inside. According to these features, our wire basket muzzles are very comfortable for dogs. Dog wearing such muzzle feels like without muzzle!

Wearing this muzzle dog can breathe easily, bark and even drink, but still it prevents biting and eating. Such muzzle will be very useful dog product if your dog has the habit to pick up and eat things from the ground. It also comes in handy during visiting vet, cutting dog's nails, grooming and in other situations.

There are a lot of disputes about dog muzzles. Some think that dog muzzles are necessary and others suppose it's very rude to muzzle a dog. Today dog muzzles are important dog products that can guarantee the safety of people and other dogs. According to the law dog owners have to muzzle their dogs in public places (like transport or parks).

Let's consider opinions and arguments against muzzles.
Often dog owners say that their dogs are very friendly and they can never bite or hurt someone. Obviously owner knows his/her dog behavior and temperament. And of course they are confident about their pet. However there are a lot of people who just afraid of dogs. Dog can't live isolated, so dog owners have to take into account opinions and feelings of other people.

Moreover, how confident dog owner is, he/she can't know the reaction of a dog to some unknown objects or its behavior in all situations. Of course, dogs are our friends but one should remember that dog is also an animal. So no one can always predict its exact behavior. That's why muzzle is very important especially for large and medium dog breeds to prevent biting.

Someone maybe won't believe, but actually muzzle can be very useful dog stuff.
Firstly, muzzle can keep your dog healthy. Many dogs have a bad habit to pick up and eat things from the ground. It's hard to stop dog doing this. You can't look after your dog all the time during walking. Every time you turn back your dog will have the opportunity to pick up something again. In such case the best choice is muzzle. It prevents picking up and eating things from the ground.
Secondly, it can be used during visiting vet or grooming. A lot of dogs don't like visiting vet, grooming, clipping nails. They become nervous and may injure vet or other people. Muzzle is a good option to prevent this.
According to the above mentioned it can be said that muzzles are not so bad and even can be useful.

Undoubtedly it's unnatural for a dog to wear a muzzle. But one should remember that it fully depends on dog owner whether dog will have good or bad attitude towards muzzle; whether muzzle will be comfortable and safe for dog. Therefore dog owners should teach their dogs to wear muzzle step by step. If dog associates muzzle with something pleasant and happy, there won't be any problems in wearing muzzles. And also one should remember that it's not recommended to leave alone the dog wearing muzzle for a long time. Dog owners should look after their pet.

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