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Bull Terrier

In the middle of the 18-th century, by breeding White English Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier a new dog breed called Bull and Terrier appeared. Later the name was shortened to Bull Terrier.
Also Miniature Bull Terrier and White Bull Terrier were selected.
This is a very loyal and intelligent dog breed. Bull Terriers are quite active so they need everyday training and exercising. Note that both physical and mental training should be provided.


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Bull Terrier is loving, devoted and highly protective for his family. That is why this dog breed is often seen as a family dog. He may show aggression against strangers or other dogs.


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Please remember! Bull Terrier is a very strong dog and to avoid dangerous situations you should train him properly!
Bull Terrier is a very active and playful dog. Not to let your dog messing around too much everyday exercises are needed. Natural Rubber Dog Toy, Training Dumbbell, Dog Bite Developer may be of great use for your beloved Bull Terrier!

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