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Leather Dog Collars

ForDogTrainers Japan produces a wide range of dog collars. In the dog collar production we use only high class non-toxic and safe materials. All our dog products are handmade so we can guarantee the high quality and uniqueness of each dog leather collar.

Our company produces leather dog collars for different purposes. We have great collars for everyday use (such as usual walking), as well as special collars for dog training, hunting, police work etc.

Our leather dog collars have a lot of sizes. They will fit mainly large dog breeds and medium dogs however every leather collar can be adjusted so it will fit your dog perfectly. Our leather dog collars have five holes. The distance between the end of the collar and the third hole is the real length of the collar. But you can make it smaller or bigger using remaining four holes. That means that each dog collar can be adjusted to 5 cm smaller or 5 cm bigger.

We use only genuine leather that was finely processed. Therefore it is very strong but still soft and flexible. All collars are stitched by hand so stitches are straight and firm. The edges of leather are rounded to produce maximum comfort. Some dog collars are made of two layers of leather (2 ply leather) that were sewn together. Such collars are strong and extremely durable.

Our collars won't tear your dog's hair out because the inside area is soft and smooth. In addition some leather dog collars have special fur protection plates. These plates are situated right behind the buckle so you don't need to worry that buckle can damage your dog's fur in the neck area. Our leather dog collars are pleasant to wear for dogs.

There are also inside coating in some leather dog collars. This coating can be made of Nappa leather (very soft and smooth type of leather) or felt. Such padding provides your pet with maximum comfort and convenience.

Buckles and D-rings for attaching leads are stainless so they won't rust even in rainy weather. All metal fittings are nicely fixed by rivets to prevent slacking. Some dog collars have additional handle for dog owners. Using this convenience handle you can take dog under your control immediately even without attaching a lead. Such collars with handle are the best choice for dog training.

Our leather collars for dogs are notable not only for its strength and durability but also for great ergonomic and stylish design. They will last for years as well as decorate your dog!

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