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Leather Dog Muzzles

Our company produces a wide range of leather dog muzzles for all breeds from small to large dogs. All our leather dog muzzles are handmade so we can guarantee the high quality and uniqueness of each dog product. In the dog muzzles production we use only high class leather.
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Sometimes dog muzzles are said to be cruel for dogs, but few know that muzzles can be also very useful dog product.

Leather dog muzzle can keep your dog healthy. Many dogs have a bad habit to pick up and eat things from the ground. It’s hard to stop dog doing this. You can't look after your dog all the time during walking. Every time you turn back, your dog will have the opportunity to pick up something again. In such case the best choice is muzzle. It prevents picking up and eating things from the ground.

Leather muzzle can be used during visiting vet or grooming. A lot of dogs don't like visiting vet, grooming, clipping nails. They become nervous and may injure vet or other people. Muzzle is a good option to prevent biting.

Also muzzles come in handy during walking, transporting, traveling etc. There are also specific types of muzzles specially designed for dog training, agitation and protection work.

Undoubtedly, it's unnatural for a dog to wear muzzle. Therefore dog owner should choose a muzzle very attentively. It should fit your dog perfectly so it's very important to size dog properly. Also leather dog muzzle must be high quality, comfortable and soft so that it wouldn't hurt dog.

All our leather dog muzzles are made of high quality, soft leather. Our muzzles are strong and durable. Every leather dog muzzle has nose padding made of felt or Nappa leather. This soft padding prevents skin rubbing and hurting your dog.

Wearing this muzzle, dog can breathe easily, but still it prevents barking, biting, eating and drinking.

Also leather dog muzzles have good airflow due to great construction. So your dog can breathe easily and you don't need to worry that the muzzle will get dump or musty inside. According to these features, our leather muzzles are very comfortable for dogs.

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Mesh type muzzle for everyday use, leather muzzle with spikes decoration, dog training muzzle

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