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Dog Harnesses

Be in control and give your dog comfort with our dog harnesses!



Today dog harnesses become more and more popular. Usually dog harnesses are used instead of dog collars, because harnesses is said to be more human and safe way to control your dog. The fact is that there are a lot of important vessels and organs in the dog's neck. Therefore the collar may affect harmfully on your dog's health, while harness moves the resistance from neck to shoulders and doesn't hurt dog. Obviously, dog harnesses are more comfortable and harmless for dogs.

Our company provides a wide range of various dog harnesses. All our dog harnesses are handmade so we can guarantee the high quality and uniqueness of each dog product. In the dog harnesses production we use only high class materials - nylon and leather. Material choice (nylon or leather) depends on special type of dog harness and its use conditions. For example, nylon dog harnesses is the best option for cold and rainy weather, whereas leather dog harnesses is suitable for mild weather.

There are a lot of dog harnesses types. Dog harnesses can be used in different kinds of activities from usual walking to dog training and dog sports. According to these activities, each kind of dog harness has its particular design and features.

Our company produces the following types of dog harnesses:
walking dog harnesses, tracking dog harnesses, sport dog harnesses (this type is suitable for such dog sports as canicross, agility, jogging, bike joring, ski joring, sled dog racing, weight pulling etc.), training dog harnesses, vest/coat dog harnesses, decorative dog harnesses and dog harnesses for specific needs (ID dog harnesses for police search&rescue, security and other working dog with removable patches, guide dog harnesses, rehabilitation dog harnesses, assistance dog harnesses for older dogs).

Our dog harnesses are developed mainly for large and medium dog breeds but there are also some harnesses for small dog breeds and puppies of large/medium dog breeds.

Dog harnesses produced by our company have ergonomic design to be as comfortable as possible for your dog. One more feature of our dog harnesses is that they are developed to be easy in usage. This means the harness can be taken on and off very quickly and easily.

Our dog harnesses have adjustable straps so they can fit perfectly any dog size and breed. Some types of our dog harnesses are padded with soft and thick felt to provide more comfort for your dog and prevent skin rubbing. There are also very convenient handle on the top of some harnesses so that you can control your dog without leash or lift and help your dog to pass difficult road or hill (the last refers to rehabilitation harnesses for injured or ill dogs and assistance harnesses for older dogs).

Our dog harnesses can be sold in sets with collars or leashes matching to the harness. Every dog harness has metal ring on the top for attaching leash.

Few words should be said about decorative dog harnesses produced by our company. In the design of this type of dog harnesses we pay attention to both - beauty and functionality. Therefore our decorative dog harnesses not only emphasize the beauty of a dog and the status of the dog owner but also have main features of all our products (comfort, strength, durability). Dog harnesses can be decorated with some drawing (only high quality and water resistance paint is used), spikes and studs.

In the design of dog harnesses we always take into account dog body structure, needs of dogs and their owners and other important issues. That's why our dog harnesses are products of high quality, they are comfortable for dogs, convenient for dog owners as well as durable and strong.



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