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Decorated Collars

Style your dog with gorgeous and unique decorated dog collars!

Collars for dogs can be compared with wrist-watch for people. Collar is a beautiful accessory and decoration that can emphasize not only the beauty of a dog but also the status of dog and dog's owner.

There are a great variety of decorated dog collars. The material and decorations differ but what stays the same is the top-quality of our dog products. All decorated dog collars are handmade so they are extremely durable and beautiful.

Decorated dog collars can be used in different situations. This fashionable accessory comes in handy during walking, dog shows, dog contests etc. Every dog owner wants their dogs to be beautiful and stylish. With our decorated dog collars your dog will look gorgeous in spite of everything!

Moreover decorated dog collars are very comfortable for a dog to wear. You don't need to worry that decorations can hurt your dog, because all decorative elements are finely fixed by rivets. Rivets on the inside area are so smooth and silky that they won't cause any discomfort to your dog.

We use only genuine leather that was finely processed. Therefore it is very strong but still soft and flexible. All collars are stitched by hand so stitches are straight and firm. The edges of leather are rounded to produce maximum comfort. In this way dog's fur is protected from falling out.

Our leather dog collars are notable not only for its strength and durability but also for great ergonomic and stylish design. They will last for years as well as decorate your dog!

There are a lot of different types of decorations. Our company uses spikes, studs (cone studs, round studs, pyramid studs), conchos, plates etc. to decorate collars. These decorations have different sizes / colours and made of various materials. The amount of these elements on one collar usually varies from 1 to 4-5 rows. Elements can be also mixed (for example, one row of spikes with two rows of studs etc.).

Sometimes leather elements are used as decoration (for example leather braids).

We also have the set of items that are decorated with paintings. All paintings are handmade. In such painting decoration only special water-resistant paint for leather is used. Therefore even after contact with water the picture won't fade away and your dog will remain stylish and charming.

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